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System Solution Features


Driven by Solar


Smart Management


Safety and Reliability

Compatible with different brand PV

Compatible with ALL brand EVs

Charge EVs with renewable energy

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Compatible with ALL brand EVs

Compatible with all branded EV thanks to its attached Type 2 charging gun/interface with OCPP protocol.

Compatible with different brand PV

Compatible with different brand of PV systems to charge your car with surplus solar power.

Charge EV with renewable energy

Driven by solar, charge your car with 100% renewable energy, the EV will be charged by the surplus solar power dynamically, combining PV and EV charger together to maximize the solar self-consumption rate.

Multiple working modes

Supports three different ways of charging activation

Smart load balancing

Flexible communication by Lan, WiFi or 4G

Smart load balancing

The EV charger will adjust its charging power dynamically according to the home power to avoid exceeding the limited point, always charge your car at the maximum charging speed without trigger the power limitation.

PV linkage mode

The EV will be charged dynamically only by surplus solar power, also support Manual Boost and Smart Boost to accelerate the charging speed.

Multiple working modes

PV Linkage mode

Fast mode

Off-Peak Mode

Flexible communication

Flexible communication with Lan, WIFI or 4G.

Type A RCD + 6mA DC fault current protection

Overall protection

Safety and reliability

With overload, over/under voltage, lightning, over temperature, earth leakage, short circuit, fault current, 6mA DC RCD protection.

Diagram of EV Charger System


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